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Discover the healthy, beautiful skin and hair you were always meant to have. Advanced Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery’s skin and hair solutions are guided by the nation’s premier network of dermatologists – the experts in hair and skin care. These products include our own Proscriptix FX® Hair and Skin Care products and R Essentials™ Skin Care products, as well as the Obagi® Skin Care line.

These products were researched and formulated to help cleanse, rejuvenate, brighten and defend your skin and hair from the effects of aging and the environment. Order conveniently wherever you are or schedule a consultation with our cosmetic/aesthetic specialists to discuss which products are best for your unique needs. 

Remarkably Different

Our Focus is On You

Let us put you at ease. You are not alone. We want to help guide you to the attractive, confident self you want to be.

We Are Here to Make a Difference

You are on a lifelong journey to look and feel your best. Our products are designed to bring clarity to a journey that is often confusing, with the expert guidance you need to achieve your most highly desired skin and hair health goals.

The key reason we’re so different from other skin and hair care solutions, is that we have the medical expertise to offer the best treatments for skin and hair problems, so we don’t have to ‘steer’ you to a-few-sizes-fit-all solutions.

We Believe in Something Bigger than Ourselves

We believe in the power of feeling good about your appearance. The path to achieving individual appearance goals should be honest, supportive, and personalized. We understand the importance of treating you as a ‘whole’ person, and that you may be dealing with profound impacts from your skin or hair concerns, especially as you age that has an effect on the energy and confidence with which you engage with your world.  We want you to feel attractive inside and out, and to be the best version of yourself in every way possible. 

We are Committed to Improving Your Life

We not only want to guide you to become the most confident version of yourself, but also to reassure, educate, and support you on your journey…as experts who hold your personal success as our foremost priority.

We Provide You with Comprehensive Solutions

Our at-home regimens complement our in-office procedures and services and take into account other factors including your lifestyle and more. We have the medical expertise to accurately diagnose underlying causes of skin and hair concerns in our network of 140+ offices, and to map comprehensive individual treatment plans for these problems.

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