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The Nation’s Leading Dermatologists Advancing the Science of Skin and Hair Care

Advanced Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery is turning skin and hair care inside out by offering advanced formulations based in medical expertise and validated science to effectively address your skin, hair and scalp concerns. Let the nation’s leading dermatologists help you restore your confidence along with your skin and hair health.

Elevating the Science and Medicine of
Skin and Hair Health

Our philosophy is simple: To deliver the best care, we need to offer the best products. Skin and hair care products must focus on the science and medicine of skin and hair health, rather than simply delivering cosmetic solutions. So how do we do that? We put dermatologists, the medical professionals and true experts in skin and hair care, in charge!

What do the Experts Know? You have to Look Deeper for Answers

While most conventional skin and hair care products don’t achieve their intended goal because the active ingredients in them are applied to and stay on top of the skin or scalp, smart skin and hair care formulas deliver scientifically proven ingredients with precision. We provide products that have been optimized to deliver a higher percentage of active ingredients deep beneath your skin tissue and deeper into your scalp and hair follicles. That allows these ingredients to better reach their intended targets and optimizes their impact at a cellular level, which accelerates the cells’ natural detoxification and repair processes.

Why is this Important?

The skin and hair’s protective mechanisms, essential for the maintenance of youthful function and appearance, rely on a series of natural repair and detoxification processes. However, the biophysical effects of aging, caused by both genetic factors and environmental exposures (i.e. UVA and B rays, pollution) cause these mechanisms to progressively fail. This results in the accumulation of the types of damage considered to be the true markers of aging at the cellular level.

Improvements at the Cellular Level Combat Signs of Aging and Photo-aging

Our products help restore healthy “communication” deep beneath the skin and into the scalp and hair follicles, at a cellular level to help combat this damage.

Results of aggressive studies and tests have shown that improving delivery of active ingredients beneath the surface of the skin and scalp results in:

  • Better overall skin and hair health and appearance
  • Cellular and tissue longevity
  • Tissue thickness and overall volume
  • Improved tone and corneal translucence
  • Strength and laxity
  • Reduced signs of aging and photo-aging

We’ve carefully developed or chosen effective home-care therapies and regimens to work in concert with in-office treatment programs and procedures which are provided by the dermatologists and clinicians of Advanced Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery, the nation’s premier network of leaders in medical skin and hair care.

Put the science of healthy skin and hair care
to work for you.

Whether you’re just getting started or selecting a subscription program so you’ll never be without the products you love, we’ll be beside you through every step of your journey.